About company

Climbing hobby was gradually moved on studies in business activities, which for several years was not enough for its volume and extent of work performed and resulted in the company of Bulka Ltd.

Work experience +managing director Stanislav Bulka before the founding of the company in Brno were drawn mainly abroad. In Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria.

Currently we perform work at heights in the region of Central Europe.

Years of experience

Work at heights - 14 years
Stonework - 13 years

Our specialization

We are engaged in specialized construction work in a hard reachable places. Especially we perform work at heights and depths.

Our projects
High voltage pillars

inspection, maintenance and repairs.


regular washing windows and glass facades.

Felling and cutting

Risk felling of trees in a nearby real estate or other objects, cutting trees. Cutting firewood. Mowing of larger grass areas, removing bushes and its chipping.

Cleaning halls

vacuuming and washing of interiors, cladding and wap-washing glass facades of buildings.

Other installation

installation of systems againts birds, networks, wooden tiles.


assembly of sandwich panels cladding or ventilated facades of CETRIS boards.

We cooperate with

Dosting s.r.o.
Romex s.r.o.
Alerion s.r.o.
Volkswagen AG
Transbeton s.r.o.
HSF Systém a.s.
Kovovýroba Hoffmann s.r.o.
Povodí Moravy s.p.
ČEPS a.s.